Hi! My name is Amita Dadwal. Welcome to my blog.

teacupofthoughts was fundamentally going to be a catalogue of my poetry that would reflect my thinking, understanding, apprehending, cerebration, cogitation, speculation, consideration, contemplation, deduction, deliberation, ideation, introspection, reasoning, rumination, theorization. Sorry for so many synonyms. Couldn’t help it. LOL!

But, somehow along the way, I began to engage in discussions with people over a cup of tea. And a catalogue all about me, became all about us. We conversed about our lives, people around us, family, world, politics, culture, technology, youth and so on.

Also, it exhibits my talent of squandering my time in whimsical and uproarious observations.

I hope you have a good time sifting through these delightful stories and poetry.

To share your stories and to get featured on my blog, you can contact me at dadwal.amita@outlook.com.