Positive Outlook

So on Friday, I started reading a new book named Pollyanna. Honestly, I had my doubts about it at first, after all it is for children aged between 9-15. Anyhow, since it was a gift, I indulged myself in it. As I began, I realised that I had read this story before, but for the first time I was able to comprehend it. I can relate to that little girl in so many ways. Just like Pollyanna,I keep a happy and chirpy demeanour. But sometimes, it gets very difficult to even breathe. In all the rights I see wrong and in all the wrongs I see amiss. Life can be difficult at times, you see.

Nevertheless, as I was talking about Pollyanna. So, this girl plays a game of ‘I am glad’ and always looks on the positive side of every dim thing that happens to her. For example, when Nancy(helper) complains about her name. Pollyanna asks her to look on the bright side and Nancy laughs and says, “At least it’s not Hepsiburada otherwise my husband would call me Hep! Hep! and others would chime in Hurray! Hurray!.”
It’s just one little example. There are many other, more deliberate and emotional instances in the book, where Pollyanna chooses to look on the bright side. As I recall, when Pollyanna’s Aunt gives her a shabby tiny store room with no proper fans and lighting, Pollyanna counts her blessings. She feels ecstatic about the tree outside her window, the scenic view, her own room(which she doesn’t have to share with ladies’ aid) and the fact that she is staying with her aunt and is not an orphan anymore.

So, today’s Observation and Conclusion– It is always best to have a positive outlook in life. It is easy to see the bad in the world. But there is good too. Open yourself to the later one. Be thankful to live, breathe, love, laugh and to enjoy all the wonders that life has to offer.

Who knew one could derive such a good lesson from a ‘mere’ children’s book.



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