The Lost One

Today my thoughts go to one of my co-worker as I am enjoying the aroma of my Kangra tea and waiting for mum to serve. She lost her young daughter a while back. We have never talked much regarding this, but the pain is palpable. What is it like to lose a baby you carried for nine months and loved immensely? I sprawl back to my couch, saddened thinking of her pain. Words take over me.

She was born on a beautiful day,

I can still recall every moment.

Everything was serene about her,

A sliver of the moon, my own crescent.


Came in our life at a perfect time,

filled our life with hope and mirth.

She was very divine and angelic,

was distinct right from her birth.


I loved her with all my heart,

she reciprocated in her own way.

Our life was full of happiness,

like a wreath of flowers, a lei.


Clueless about the future,

and the passel of time she had.

We loved and adored her,

were thick and now in a tetrad.


The other angel treasured her,

life was sublime with consummation.

But the clock was ticking fast,

darkness arrived with no illumination.


She was in the palm of my hand,

and now gone to a distant lay.

I was shredded into many pieces,

I wish I understood God’s way.


I cried and cried for several days,

until my tears had dried up.

Life had halted all of a sudden,

I drank and tasted her from the cusp.


They told everything happens for a reason,

she must have some motive to attain.

But now she is in God’s lap,

she is princess of heaven with own reign.


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  1. smriti says:

    Awesome poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anurag Bhagsain says:

    Beautiful Poetry Ma’am.


    1. Thank you Anurag 🙂


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