Queen Worthy of Aerie

My morning generally begins with a cup of tea and me sitting near the window pane. I look at the mountains and enjoy this scenic view right after I wake up. How lucky am I! Everyday, I capture and seize this beautiful scenery to write poetry. And today’s inspiration is my mum.

You are full of confidence,

With a heap of congenial friends.

No sense of trepidation,

You roar like a lioness.


But you seem lost sometimes,

I wonder what is your story.

Are you an irrevocable soul,

or just an abstract allegory.


Beyond all these facade,

I see you feel alone.

Your glassy eyes stare,

reflects on what time had shown.


I know your past haunts you,

and future seems scary.

But trust me oh little girl,

you are queen worthy of aerie.


A phoenix and you,

have not much of a difference.

You rise from ashes,

you are full of Ā strength and belligerence.


So smile and enjoy,

as life is short for worries.

Forget what has happened,

and write refined stories.



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